What To Expect On Your Big Day

My approach is admittedly very laid back and hands off. I believe that the days photography should fit around your plans without taking over. I find that working this way creates relaxing and natural photos. For now I'd like to walk you through a typical day so you can get a feel of what to expect

Bridal Preparations

I arrive shortly after you ladies start to get ready and when you  start popping those champagne corks and the hair curlers come out. I want to be there in the thick of it. There will be nothing posed at all, just me getting to know you all and capturing the excitement and fun.

bride getting ready

The Ceremony

The ceremony itself is typically an emotional part of the day and everyone reacts completely differently. Some people are really nervous and other people struggle to stop themselves from a fit of giggles. I like to stand at the front, but keep my distance to avoid being a distraction from these special moments.

After the ceremony

Wow, you did it, you are now married. What happens now is an outpouring of emotion, laughter and high fives. I love the fact that everyone you care about is now in the same room. Its amazing, that they are all brought together in celebration of you and your day. Nothing makes me smile more behind the lens than seeing Grandad laughing his head off with the Bridesmaid or your parents beaming with pride. This time of the day is just magic to me.

wedding horse and cart

Shortly after the ceremony I will gather your guests together for the group photographs and then take the two of you for your ‘newly wed walk’ This usually lasts between 20-30 minutes, we will have already discussed the spots for your photographs and if you are having a church wedding, a popular choice is to have some photos at the church and then some at your wedding venue. When it is just the three of us you will relax more and enjoy yourself.I like to photograph actual emotions as they happen and I tend to talk way too much in an effort to make you giggle and relax for those natural shots.

The Wedding Breakfast

After your wedding breakfast it will be time for the speeches, I love to capture the laughter and tears. And watch the reactions from your guests as we all hear the embarrassing stories and jokes.

The Party

As the party gets started I’ll be there to capture your first dance, your best friend making shapes on the dance floor and the flower girl asleep under the table.
As the party gets into full flow and the dance floor fills up, I will say my goodbyes and leave you to dance the night away.

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